The Game

A new kind of video game for kids

Zingoshi - coming soon, watch this space, is a mystery-adventure game with exciting augmented reality. AND you play some of it off the computer.

Yep, you read that correctly.

There are times that you need to physically move away from your devices, and do something in the real world, in order to continue gameplay!

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If you're looking for a high-adrenaline action game with shooting or fast car chases, or a beauty salon experience, this one's probably not for you!

But if you enjoy games where you can wander about and explore, you will LOVE Zingoshi. 


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You play this video game experience on a desktop computer or laptop, and use a second device such as a tablet or mobile phone to activate the augmented reality elements.

No second device? No problem! Zingoshi can be played with or without the AR bits.




So what's it all about?

speckled tegdibby transparentZingoshi is set in the fictional world of Planet Zingoshi. ​You are a kid from Earth. You find yourself on Zingoshi, and learn that you have a mystery to solve. You have a vital role to play in Earth and Zingoshi’s shared destinies. ​You need to venture through the story world gathering facts and insights. ​You'll also learn quite a bit about yourself! Magical, winged creatures called zingerals throw epic challenges in your path. This requires you to use a wide range of skills, including flight and magic...​

As you gain in magical prowess, unlock Zingoshi’s secrets, and earn fantastic rewards along the way, you must work out why Earth and Zingoshi’s destinies are linked. Who are these zingerals? What’s the story with their peculiar wings? Do butterbites hurt? And what on Earth – or rather, Zingoshi – is a speckled tegdibby?! 


Looking for your downloadables? 

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For the downloadable items for 'Zingoshi', including the augmented reality marker you need to activate the augmented reality in the game, head to the page on this website called 'The Zingoshi Club'. You'll find everything you need there.


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Please help us create a supportive and positive online community here at Zingoshi. This is a place for kids to feel safe and welcome. We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and hurtful or offensive behaviour on our website.  


Get Started

Create your game account here and download the apps to activate the augmented reality for your game.

Choose your avatar and encounter the extraordinary world of Zingoshi for the first time. Once a parent or guardian has verified your email for us, you’ll be free to join us on Planet Zingoshi and carry on playing!

Coming Soon...