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NZD $15.00

Sylvie finds herself stuck on Planet Zingoshi and the only way back home to Earth is to team up with

an exasperating zingeral kid, Willabella, and complete a seemingly never-ending list of tasks. Luckily
for her, there’s a magnificent world to explore, and flying and magic, to sweeten the deal…
Download our app, called ‘Zingoshi Dragonfly – Book’. (Free). The marker looks like this:

dragonfly icon

Augmented reality markers appear on a number of select pages in the book. Each one is indicated by
an image with a distinctive purple border. These AR ‘moments’ bring elements of the story to life.
They are animation sequences with or without additional audio, ranging from sound effects and
dialogue, to music. Once you’ve downloaded the app above, you can access these AR markers inside
the body of the book’s text using a mobile phone or tablet.

Author: Bridget Ellis-Pegler

Illustrator(s): Anya Veryaskina + Matt Forsyth