Necessity, Mothers, Invention, etc

A gap in the market

Wouldn't it be brilliant to have really fun, positive and inspiring content for 7-12 year olds? We thought so, and that's why we went out and made some!

 The Zingoshi Chronicles is values-based – (not in a preachy way!) but, because we care about others and we want our kids to grow up to be caring humans too. It’s innovative – we’ve even won a grant for creating some technology for our game that nobody’s done before. It guides kids to become creative leaders. It has STEAM subjects woven throughout it (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics).

And most of all, it's fun!!!!


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We're parents ourselves. We understand concerns about digital fatigue, cyber safety, and negative online behaviour. That's why we’re putting so much effort into creating a supportive and welcoming online community. Cyber security and good digital citizenship are hugely important to us. We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and offensive behaviour on our website. 


Our team


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Our exceptionally talented team shares our vision. We feel very lucky to have such skilled and passionate people on this journey with us. We’re all busily working to launch our first video game soon, ‘Zingoshi’. Meanwhile, our first book, ‘Dragonfly’ has been printed, and can be bought right here in our online shop!

  "Creativity: Source Code for the Human Operating System' - is an essay by our Creative Strategist, Megan Gaiser. This essay is featured in the book 'Women in Games: Professionals in Play'.

Read it here. Megan-Gaiser-Essay.pdf  

Meet The Team

Bridget Ellis-Pegler,
Originator & Co-Founder

Bridget co-runs the company with Ronel, and oversees all creative development of the project. She's also the author of our series of books, and lead writer for our video game. Bridget loves collaborating with team members. Little known fact : she once spent two years as Immigration Officer at the NZ Embassy in Brussels during which time she stamped passports, practised French and created fantasy worlds in her head...

Ronel Schodt,

Ronel co-runs the company with Bridget. She makes sure we're all happy and well while keeping one eye firmly on the clock and the budget at all times. Interesting fact - Ronel used to play netball for South Africa!

Craig Brown,

A hardcore Marvel fan. Craig is dad to three teenagers who keep him very busy with their multitude of interests, activities and sports. He is passionate about delivering the Zingoshi game which will guide kids to be creative leaders via the wonderful fantasy world that we have created.

Matt Forsyth,
Art Director

Matt has been involved with the whole Zingoshi project from concept stage, to 3D game artist. He's also the illustrator for ‘the cover of Dragonfly’ the first book in our series. Being overall Art Director of the property means that Matt has created our entire visual 'look' for the Zingoshi world and its inhabitants.

Once upon a time, Matt worked in banking. Luckily for us, his passion for art and games won out and the rest, as they say, is history!

Kerry Simpson,
3D Environment Artist

Kerry is an experienced 3D and 2D artist. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Creative Tech from the Media Design School and studied at Sydney’s prestigious Julian Ashton Art School. He previously worked in feature films and at Massive, a company that create artificial intelligence crowd simulations for use in movies such as Lord of the Rings.

Kerry is bringing our Zingoshi environments to life on screen and we are utterly in awe of his creations.

Kyla Bendall,
3D Animator

Kyla is a 3D animator with 15 years' experience, but her passion these days is games for kids.She is a sought after artist who has worked as Digital Modeler on all The Lord of the Rings films and was a texture painter on I, Robot and King Kong.

Kyla prefers gumboots to high heels and lives with her husband and 5 year old son who loves dragons and hedgehogs.

Edwin McRae,
Narrative Designer

From Path of Exile's Wraeclast, to cutting edge visions like that of Scarlet City Studio's Aetherlight, Edwin has designed imaginary and factual worlds aplenty. Ed is Narrative Designer for Zingoshi, working closely with Bridget on our game's stories.

Another fabulous dad on our team with 3 daughters, Ed has a finely-tuned sense of what kids love and how to keep them engaged through intelligent, fun gameplay.

His motto: "Play is what we do. Story is why we do it."

Tane Upjohn-Beatson,
Composer and Sound Designer

Tane says he loves scoring because it requires him to dream outside the realm of the known, to immerse himself fully in a moment or a character, and seek out a story’s beating heart; that unique thing that makes it important to tell.

Sir Richard Taylor, Creative Director Weta Workshops NZ had this to say “Tane’s musical capabilities are staggering and his skill at weaving an emotional state and journey completely enthralled and amazed me.' We couldn't agree more, Sir Richard!

Tane is nuts about board games like 'Magic the Gathering'. He lives in Wellington with his wife, Anna, who is also extremely talented and musical. They've got a chihuahua called Max, who sings too!

Vinnie Vivace,
Game and Software Developer

Vinnie is dad to two lovely small people and passionate about many things, from whisky, chocolate, Sunday roasts, surfing, NZ Bush, music and movies, to technology.

He feels blessed to have worked in the screen industry since 2000 as a Game and Software Developer, and to have worked with some of New Zealand's most talented, creative, inspiring and driven individuals.

Vinnie likes to say ‘Today's cutting edge is tomorrow's, “when I was a boy” story.’

Megan Gaiser,
Creative Strategist and Portfolio Development

As one of the first female CEOs in the gaming industry, Megan grew Her Interactive to $8.5M in revenues, sold 9M units and won 29 Parent’s Choice Gold Medal awards by co-creating the highly successful Nancy Drew game franchise. Awards include: “Game Industry’s 100 Most Influential Women” Next Generation; “Top 10 Most Influential Women of the Decade” Gaming Angels & “2011 Indie Cade Trailblazer Lifetime Achievement Award.” Megan also serves as an advisory board member for several entertainment, technology and leadership organisations across industries.

Megan is a powerful advocate for diversity and a great believer in the importance of creative leadership and inspired living.