A Tale of Two Planets

Transmedia Awesomeness!


Sylvie and Will. Two girls from different planets, each on her own unique personal journey. 

Flying and magic.

An eclectic group of mis-matched boys and girls.


Peculiar creatures.


A turbulent friendship.  

And one huge, top-secret mission, bestowed on the kids by a VERY unusual pair of queens...



The Zingoshi Chronicles is a transmedia property. What that means, it is is a story that can be told in several different ways, in different places. The birlliant thing about having a rich story world to play with is that we can explore different parts of the story, on different platforms. 

At the moment, we're developing our first video game and our first book is for sale.

There's more to come of both.

One day, The Zingoshi Chronicles could be a TV series too, and who knows what else - a feature film? A theme park? A musical?

The sky's the limit! 


A island4A serendipity3A glade3

A nest4A island6A glade5


Here at Zingoshi, we believe that change can be incredibly positive.  As Anne Frank famously wrote: 


"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait

a single moment

before starting to improve the world."


 It's been a lot of fun for us to work on this project over the years and watch it evolve. 

Lots of things have changed along the way. 

The Zingoshi Chronicles was originally going to be live action TV, not animation!  The photos below show what our two main characters were going to look like, originally. Also, Willabella used to be called Arabella. The project used to be called 'Sylvie & Arabella'. Planet Zingoshi used to be called Planet Serendipity. Before, we had one queen and now we have two. The character of Kim was originally going to be a boy.

And there was no such thing as a singing softly slug, a zinger, or a fimple...


First, Live Action

Arabella wings single final Sylvie wings finalSylvia and Arabella wings running final    


Then, 2D Animation

Arabella CopySylvie4explore 721


And finally, 3D animation, enhanced by augmented reality.

Check out our girls now! 

WILLABELLA2sylvie entering game environment


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