About the book

Dragonfly is the first book in the series, 'The Zingoshi Chronicles'. 

Written by Bridget Ellis-Pegler. Illustrated by Anya Veryaskina & Matt Forsyth. 

This book is a junior novel, enhanced by augmented reality.  

Download the free app and join Sylvie, Willabella and their friends on their adventures. 

You’ll see the world of Planet Zingoshi come alive in mesmerising 3D! 


Listen to a preview of the book:

Book screen grab blue and purple forest



Dragonfly5Sylvie wakes up in a gorgeous purple and blue forest, with no idea where she is or how she got there. Soon she meets Willabella, surely the most infuriating girl in the entire universe. Willabella claims she comes from a planet called Zingoshi. Creative Sylvie knows that her imagination must be playing tricks on her. She’s dreaming; it’s the only explanation. 

Sylvie does her best to escape annoying Willabella and wake up, but she soon has to admit that it doesn’t just seem like she and Willabella come from different worlds, it’s a scientific fact! For some bizarre reason, Sylvie has been magically transported to Zingoshi from Earth - and now she can’t get home.



Our artist Anya Veryaskina brings her delightfully quirky style to the book. Anya is a very talented multi-media artist. She's s a painter, photographer and digital artist. For 'Dragonfly' she has created a series of stunning collages that we can't wait to share with the world. 

The book also features game art from Matt Forsyth, our Art Director, bringing elements of the game world of Zingoshi into the book.


Meet The Author

Bridget Ellis-Pegler is the originator of The Zingoshi Chronicles.

She is also co-founder of our company, and Chief Creative Director. This is a large and varied role that includes writing and producing the first book in our series, and conceptualising, writing and producing the first game in our video game series.

To bring her vision for The Zingoshi Chronicles to life, Bridget collaborates with a dynamic team including artists, programmers, animators, graphic designers, actors, talent agents, musicians and more.

In addition, she is the mother of two young daughters, so it's a busy life! (Coffee helps).

Dragonfly is Bridget's first book.

Get The Book

Kids, if you'd like to have this book, your parents can buy it in our online store which is in the parents' section of this website.

Download the app from the app stores to activate the augmented reality for your book. Search for ’Zingoshi Dragonfly’. It’s free. Install it on your device. Once installed, open it, then click on camera. Hold the camera over any augmented reality (AR) marker in the story. These markers are all indicated by a purple border. The AR will activate. As long as you keep the purple border within the viewfinder, the animation will work, even when you move your device around. 

Don’t forget to turn on sound on your device. Have fun!